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LS Tutorial

The Loyola Schools Tutorial Services is the premier tutoring service offered by the Tutors' Pool to the LS Community. The tutorials, conducted to either individuals or small groups of two to five students, aim to aid LS students in their difficulties in their math subjects by bridging the tutees with proficient tutors.

LT Archives

The Long Test Archives contain long tests, exercises, and cram sheets for different math subjects and are available to the AMS community. The Academic Enrichment Team (AET) updates the archives regularly throughout the year to provide students with reference materials to use while studying for their exams.

Study Hall

The Study Hall is an open consultation-type of tutorial session, where LS Students and AMS members are provided with a space to study. The Study Hall will aid the members in preparing for their exams by giving them an opportunity to study as a group or individually, with the presence of tutors who they can easily consult.

Minoring Primer

The Minoring Primer is a primer made by the Academic Enrichment Team (AET) that talks about the procedures a math major must go through to take minors or double majors in the different programs available.

Mock Exam

The Mock Exams are a simulation of the first math long test of LS freshmen students to help them adjust to college math tests. The questions in the mock exam are prepared by the Problem Solvers' Pool (PSP).

Mock Exam Tutorial

The Mock Exam Tutorials is a class tutorial handled by the Tutors' Pool (TP). In this tutorial, the checked mock exams are returned and the solutions to the mock exam are discussed.