Our Departments

Member Relations Department

The Member Relations Department is in charge of providing avenues for AMS members to socialize and to know one another through its project and efforts that fosters connections among the members and ensures their well-being. There are four projects and two pools under the member relations department.


Math 101 is a preparatory activity for freshmen Math Majors wherein detailed talks by professors, graduates and upperclassmen about college life and the job opportunities of a Math Major, as well as fun interactive activities await the freshmen.

Welcoming Week is the first of the two tambay weeks of AMS. It is a week-long event that is held in the agreed-upon platform (such as Zoom or Discord) where AMS members are allowed to chill, study, and for them to feel welcome in the organization. The event is also intended as a period for the members to meet new people. Usually, a theme is integrated into the project as well as various games, gimmicks, and activities for the members to partake in. A culminating activity is held for the last day of this event, such as a Welcoming Party.

Sports Week, previously known as AMS Week 2, is a weeklong event spanning two to three weeks that aims to foster relations among AMS members through fun and interactive activities through a Sportsfest and Tambay Week. It also serves as an avenue to promote to and engage the members in the efforts of the other departments of the organization.

A celebration to reminisce the year that has passed, and to recognize outstanding efforts and AMS members who have contributed to the success of the organization through the years. It is a way to officially end the year and a call to focus on the upcoming year by inducting the new Executive Committee.

Pools and Teams

Pool of Hosts

The Pool of Hosts provides hosting services for various AMS Projects and events. It is an avenue for members to develop the skill of hosting through training seminars and experience.

Know Your AMS Members Pool

The Know-Your-AMS-Member pool manages the Members of AMS Facebook page which features individuals that fit the current theme. Aside from the MoA page, the pool publishes posts in the AMS Facebook group which feature various members, core teams, and pools throughout the year.