Our Projects

Minor Projects

Minor projects are projects organized by our pools, teams, and offices. These projects cater towards the goal and objectives of each pool, team, and office. These projects require less preparation time and has a smaller core team. The project heads of minor projects are the heads of the pool, team, and office, while the core team are the members of the pool, team, and office.


Blueprint is a survival-guide-type talk for math majors arranged by the Academics Enrichment Team (AET), where upperclassmen math majors will explain what to expect for the upcoming school year in terms of academics and other aspects of college life.

Problem Solvers' Seminar

The Problem Solvers' Seminar (PSS) is one of the initiatives of the Problem Solvers' Pool to promote mathematical competence and appreciation, through problem solving, to the AMS community. The seminar consists of talks given by faculty members of the ADMU Math Department with topics that are interesting and can be seen in real life.

PSP Math Olympiad

The Problem Solvers' Pool Math Olympiad (PSPMO) is a math quiz bee organized by the Problem Solvers' Pool that is open to members of the LS community.

LaTeX Seminar

The LaTeX Seminar is an initiative of the Academic Enrichment Team (AET) to guide AMS members and math majors in the basics of LaTeX, a typesetting system, which they can use in their studies.

Privilege Card

The AMS Privilege Card provides deals and discounts for the organization's members by partnering with various establishments for the entire school year.


Infinitees is the organization's annual shirt-design contest that is open to all AMS members. The winning math-related design is then used for the official AMS Infinitees, and is sold within and outside the organization for the benefit of Mathventure.