Ateneo Math Major Primer

Excited for college? Still debating on what course to take? Worry not!

The Ateneo Mathematics Society presents the Ateneo Math Major Primer, a comprehensive guide for students interested in pursuing a mathematics degree at Ateneo de Manila University. In this guide, you will find the course overview of the three courses offered by the Department of Mathematics - BS Mathematics (BS MA), BS Applied Mathematics with Specialization in Mathematical Finance - Master in Applied Mathematics major in Mathematical Finance (BS/M AMF), and BS Applied Mathematics - Master in Data Science (BS AMDSc - M DSc), testimonies from students pursuing these courses, possible career opportunities after graduating, and a glimpse of the student life of an Ateneo Math Major.

You may access the primer at We hope that this can help you in your discernment process on what to pursue in your college studies.

AMS 2020-2021 RecWeek Primer

The Ateneo Mathematics Society continues to grow as a community of math enthusiasts counting together—and we want YOU to count to be a part of it!

Not sure about making that final jump? Then check out our 2020-2021 RecWeek primer at to learn more about the projects, pools and teams, and contact information of the organization and how you can make things count with us.

We are looking forward having you in our growing community!