Our Departments

Academics Department

The Academics Department is the organization's primary avenue of promoting Math Excellence through its projects and efforts that challenges the mathematical proficiency of its participants. This department is also the primary avenue of promoting Math Education through the math tutorial services, and various resources and references it provides for the LS community and for the math majors. There are two projects and three pools/teams under the academics department.


Our oldest flagship project, Sipnayan is an annual inter-school math competition open to Grade School and High School students. Previously, Sipnayan transitioned to an online setting by providing seminars on various math topics for Grade School, Junior High School, and Senior High School Divisions. This year, Sipnayan aims to build on the efforts of the previous year by reintegrating the competitive aspect of the project.

The Ateneo Math Olympiad is an annual written and oral math competition for Ateneo Junior High and Ateneo Senior High students done in collaboration with the different Math departments across the Ateneo. Serving as the culmination of a half-a-year-long problem solving training program, AMO aims to promote math excellence among young Ateneans.

Pools and Teams

Tutors' Pool

The tutors’ pool manages tutors who provide mathematics tutorials to the constituents of AMS who are primarily the students of the LS community. In addition, the pool manages the Study Hall which helps students prepare for their respective Math exams.

Problem Solvers' Pool

The problem solvers’ pool is devoted to promoting mathematical excellence through initiatives in solving math problems. The pool is also tasked to create questions for the different projects of the organization.

Academics Enrichment Team

The Academics Enrichment Team aims to provide resources for the organization’s members to prepare for their math subjects through providing past long tests, cram sheets, and holding events that promote enrichment in Mathematics for its stakeholders.