Our Projects

Major Projects

Major projects are annual events that are catered towards our core competencies, vision and mission. These projects takes two to three months to prepare. The project heads of these projects undergo an application process that includes an interview with the Executive Committee (ExeCom). The core team members of these projects had to undergo a less intensive application process, but still including an interview with the project heads and the ExeCom overseeing the project.


Our oldest flagship project, Sipnayan, is an annual inter-school math competition open to public and private school Grade School, Junior High School, and Senior High School students around Metro Manila.


Our newest flagship project, Mathventure, is a three-day seminar workshop which aims to engage private, public, and science high school students in fun and relevant math concepts.


One of our flagship project, MathCon, is a three day event featuring interactive booths and displays which the members of the LS community may pursue to learn more about the various applications of math indifferent fields and punctuated by a talk on the final day given by speakers who specialize in their specific fields as a culmination for the project.

Ateneo Math Olympiad

The Ateneo Math Olympiad is an annual written and oral math competition for Ateneo Junior High and Ateneo Senior High students done in collaboration with the different Math departments across the Ateneo. Serving as the culmination of a half-a-year-long problem solving training program, AMO aims to promote math excellence among young Ateneans.

Mathventure Pledge Drive

MPD is a month-long advocacy-driven fundraiser for Mathventure kids through pledges with additional tokens for pledges reaching certain amounts. For the past years, it has been a week-long event through decorated booths on campus. Given the current setting, MPD will be conducted online through online orders and home deliveries with the general public as the target audience. Tokens will be based on the amount pledged, ranging from personalized appreciation notes to physical tokens.

Sweet Escape

Sweet Escape is a fundraising project for the benefit of Mathventure kids. Assorted sweets are sold to provide the LS community a “sweet escape” from their hell week. Each package is designed with a motivational quote, for sharing or for keeping, to help the students get through the semester.

Welcoming Week

Welcoming Week, previously called Week 1, is the first of the two tambay weeks of AMS. It is a week-long online event that is held for AMS members to interact, play, and for them to feel welcome in the organization. A theme will be integrated into the project as well as various online games, gimmicks, and activities for the members to partake.

Sports Week

Sports Week, previously known as AMS Week 2, is a weeklong event spanning two to three weeks that aims to foster relations among AMS members through fun and interactive activities through a Sportsfest and Tambay Week. It also serves as an avenue to promote to and engage the members in the efforts of the other departments of the organization.


A celebration to reminisce the year that has passed, and to recognize outstanding efforts and AMS members who have contributed to the success of the organization through the years. It is a way to officially end the year and a call to focus on the upcoming year by inducting the new Executive Committee.