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Our Identity

Since its inception in 1962, the Ateneo Mathematics Society (AMS) has evolved from a group of less than 10 people into an association with over 290 students. Now on its 59th year, the Ateneo Mathematics Society continues to envision itself as an organization that aims to impact the greater society through its various projects and efforts, and forming leaders and members to be men and women for and with others that uses mathematics as a tool in building a culture of excellence grounded on the core competencies – math education, math appreciation and math excellence.

Being one of the oldest and most established organizations in the university, AMS has escalated its influence and impact both within and outside the Loyola Schools. Internally, the organization is composed mainly of Math Majors coming from the BS Mathematics, BS/M Applied Mathematics with Specialization in Mathematical Finance, and BS Applied Mathematics - Master in Data Science programs of the university. Aside from these, the organization has numerous non-Math major members. Every year, the projects of AMS are able to create an impact on at least 4000 individuals, which is expected to get even higher for the succeeding years given the trend over the past few years.


The Ateneo Mathematics Society envisions itself as a community of math enthusiasts geared towards the celebration of mathematics through a culture of appreciation, excellence, and service – all for the growth of its members and the benefit of its stakeholders.


This organization has the mission to:

  • Build a community of math enthusiasts, by establishing relationships among its members, the Ateneo community, and the greater society;

  • Provide avenues and opportunities for the growth and development of its members through its activities and partnerships;

  • Represent the members of the community and their advocacies to external stakeholders;

  • Cultivate math excellence by strengthening the mathematical skill of its stakeholders through curated workshops, seminars, and projects;

  • Promote math appreciation by developing interest and awareness through the introduction of relevant mathematical ideas and their applications; and

  • Facilitate math education by creating and providing accessible mathematical resources and services to the Ateneo community and beyond.

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