Our Departments

Math Applications Department

The Math Applications Department is the organization's primary avenue of promoting Math appreciation through its projects and efforts that showcases the different applications of mathematics in different fields, which in turn deepen their appreciation for math. There are two projects and one team under the math applications department.


Our newest flagship project, Mathventure, is a three-day seminar workshop which aims to engage private, public, and science high school students in fun and relevant math concepts.

One of our flagship project, MathCon, or Math Convention, is a week-long online convention consisting of webinars where speakers of various professions discuss the applications of mathematics in their respective fields. Last year, asynchronous activities and articles were posted in the MathCon website as replacement to booths and activities. This year, MathCon aims to give focus on the interactive aspect of the event by downscaling its talks and adding more activities.

Pools and Teams

Applications and Research Team

The Applications Research Team (ART) fosters enthusiasm in the discipline of math by instilling the practice of relevant research discussions. Members are given the opportunity to contribute content in the AMS 360 Facebook Page and/or craft math-related activities for the department's major projects.