Our Projects

Special Projects

Special projects are also annual events that are not necessarily catered towards our core competencies, vision, or mission. These projects are still essential to the organization as they provide the backbone of the operations. These projects that takes one to two months to prepare. The project heads of these projects are appointed by the Executive Committee (ExeCom) based on the past performance of the members, while the core team members of these projects undergo the same application process as major projects.

Math 101

Math 101 is a preparatory activity for freshmen Math Majors wherein detailed talks by professors, graduates and upperclassmen about college life and the job opportunities of a Math Major, as well as fun interactive activities await the freshmen.

COA RecWeek

RecWeek is a week-long effort to show the advocacy of AMS to the LS community and to recruit members of the organization.

First General Assembly

The First General Assembly is a gathering held to welcome old and new AMS members of the organization and to inform them about the departments, pools, and offices, and the different projects and efforts of AMS. The First GA also serves as an avenue for the members to get to know the Executive Committee, the various leaders of the organization, and their fellow orgmates.

Leadership Training Seminar

Leadership Training Seminar is an annual three-day event, held outside campus, that aims to hone the leadership potential of non-graduating AMS members.


The Apprenticeship Program is a structured semester-long program designed to immerse interested AMS members in an environment that will enable them to get to know the specific roles and responsibilities of a selected Executive Committee member. They are also given tasks and opportunities to deepen their knowledge and understanding of these roles.

Career Hacks

Career Hacks is a series of talks where we invite AMS alumni to share their experiences, tips on how to be successful in their respective fields. It gives AMS members a glimpse of possible career opportunities available to them after graduating.